Privacy Notice and Terms of Use GL Zürich

1. Area of Application

The present Privacy Notice and Terms of Use are applicable to all relations between GL Zürich and users of its services and products. They apply equally to Hilfswerk GL Zürich whose website is integrated into the one of GL Zürich.

This Privacy Notice and Terms of Use are binding upon all users and, by making use of the products and services, are considered accepted by them. This Privacy Notice and Terms of Use become an integral part of every contract concluded between GL Zürich or the Hilfswerk GL Zürich and the users. Any differing stipulation is valid only if both contractual parties have explicitly agreed to it in writing.

GL Zürich expressly reserves the right to modify the present Privacy Notice and Terms of Use at any time. The version which is currently published on our website is the valid version.  Therefore, we recommend that users apprise themselves of the current version of the Privacy Notice and Terms of Use by consulting our website.

2. Privacy Notice

2.1 Principle

The GL Zürich and the Hilfswerk GL Zürich attach great value to the privacy protection of the users of its products, and regard it as a matter of course to handle their personal data in a responsible manner. Personal data – i.e. information defining the identity of the user or making it definable to us – will under no circumstances be passed on or sold for marketing purposes.

The following shows, in the main, that personal data which is gathered, treated and recorded by GL Zürich and the Hilfswerk GL Zürich.

2.2 General Utilisation

In principle you may visit GL Zürich’s website without having to mention your personal data. Our web server records automatically impersonal and technical information of the calling computer, e.g. the model of the hardware utilised by you, the IP-address, the utilised browser and its language, the operating system or the internet provider. The gathering and processing of this information is carried out with the purpose of, principally, allowing or optimising the utilisation of our website.

During an ordering process in our web-shop the internet connection is SSL-coded (Secure Socket Layer) in order to protect your data.

2.3 Cookies or Similar Technologies

It is possible that your browser or device is identified by cookies or similar technologies. Normally, they do not contain any personal data but facilitate your usage of our website.

2.4 Google Analytics

For the gaging and analysis as well as optimisation of its website GL Zürich applies Google Analytics. For more information about Google Analytics please refer to

2.5 Personal Data

Certain offers on GL Zürich’s website can only be utilised if you quote personal data. Your personal data can only be accessed by authorised personnel and will be treated according to the valid terms of data protection law.

GL Zürich and Hilfswerk GL Zürich record that data of their members as is required to operate and fulfil the relationship with them.

If you order a product or service from us by telephone, in writing or in our web-shop we record the data necessary to provide the delivery or service ordered.

For a subscription to the E-Journal, “The Spiritual World”, a user-account is established containing name, first name, address and E-Mail address which are saved on our web-server.

The application for the newsletter utilises the services of the Google Cloud Engine. Dispatch information, such as E-mail addresses, is temporarily cached in the Google Cloud Engine.

In case of a non-anonymous donation to GL Zürich or Hilfswerk GL Zürich we shall record your name, first name and address as well as the amount (e.g. for the thank you letter).

2.6 Enquiry, Cancellation, Blocking

You are entitled to be informed about your recorded personal data and the purpose of their respective processing; in addition, you may request appropriate correction, blockage or cancellation of these data. For this purpose please contact

2.7 Security and Responsibility

GL Zürich has taken all reasonable technical and organisational security precautions in order to protect personal data against unauthorised access.

However, the disclosure of personal data via internet is still exposed to certain risks despite all precautions taken. Despite the highest technical safeguards it is impossible to offer a one hundred per-cent guarantee against sabotage or manipulation. Therefore, GL Zürich cannot assume responsibility for any possible damages caused in this way.

3. Terms of Use

3.1 Copy- and other Intangible Property-Rights

The content of GL Zürich’s website is protected by copyright. Without GL Zürich’s or the Hilfswerk GL Zürich’s explicit prior agreement in writing, any content of its website may neither be altered, transferred, copied nor republished.

4. Contact

If you have any questions concerning this privacy notice, specifically those pertaining to the terms of use, please contact us at

5. Common and Final Provisions

5.1 Place of Jurisdiction, Applicable Law

Swiss law applies to all legal relationships between GL Zürich and the users. Disputes arising from this Privacy Notice and Terms of Use are under the exclusive jurisdiction of Zurich courts, subject to other mandatory places of jurisdiction.

5.2 Partial Nullity

In the event that individual provisions of this privacy notice or terms of use should be or become ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions continues to be valid. Any possible ineffective provision will be replaced by new terms which will come as close as possible in their economic and legal implication to the ineffective one.

Zurich, 3rd July, 2018