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In the course of many years of teaching, spirit-teacher Lene gave numerous instructions for a spiritually-rewarding meditation. Her lectures contain a variety of guided meditations, in which she takes listeners with her to the world beyond in spirit, in order for them to share in spiritual experiences. A selection of such guided meditations is presented in this themed edition. It demonstrates how a human being can be a guest in the world beyond during the quiet hour and experience a connection with the spirits of God. However, in order to experience the spiritual world in its glory and to receive strength for body, spirit and soul, certain preparations and personal effort are necessary. It requires time and strength to loosen oneself from the hustle and bustle of work and the influences of daily life. In addition to the explanations from Lene, this themed edition also contains answers from spirit-teacher Joseph. He addresses, for example, questions from listeners as to why, despite their efforts, they have no spiritual experiences during meditation – what they need to change or improve so that they do succeed.

The Spiritual World 4/2020
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